Reviews for "Papa's Pancakeria"

I love all the Papa Louie games but I think this one is by far my favorite.
I love the mini games, love love love the mini games. I could rave on and on about this game, I honestly could but I'm hoping the five stars speaks for itself.

Amazing! This game is so interactive and reminds of my old Diner Dash days! its intuitive and is a lot of fun to play. I think I wasted 3+hours on it. I love it. Keep it up.

Awesome game, nice gameplay. I think its 4 1/2 stars

Best game I've rated all week!

This game has every requirement fulfilled and then some!
I only played through the first level (time constraints on my part), but from everything I played/viewed this game is quite fun!

Let's start with the cutscene. The cutscene give story and gives the player a goal which qualifies 2 of the 4 main requirements to be a game.

Getting the orders in on time while managing customers gives the player challenge and giving the player a tip for being efficient is an effective is incentive to play further.

The music is ambient and simplistic but effective and offers a good feel for being a pancake chef.

The interface is well constructed and the tutorial to use it is made quite well.

The art is good and animations are even better. I found it satisfying watching the pancake sizzle when I flipped it for the first time.

This game gets 4 stars for creativeness, well constructed environment and story, slightly addictive gameplay, well constructed interface and well fitting music, and qualifies as a game many times over.

I hope to see this favorited much more.