Reviews for "Papa's Pancakeria"

Yes!!!!!! I waited so long!

I just started playing these games a week ago and I am a total Papa Arcade addict! This is my second favorite installment (sorry, Freezeria was my first Papa game and will always have a special place in my heart) My favorite new feature would have to be the quicker cooking option. I also love the mini games, they're so fun! Seriously, Flipline Studios knows what they're doing- can't wait to see more! :D

I really like the Papa series and Pancakeria is no exception!
My new favorite is Pancakeria because it allows a faster cooking option and I really like the idea of the crosshairs in the building process so I can see exactly where the toppings will go.
The mini games and prizes are also a great addition to this game!
Keep it up, Flipline Studios!

My only complaint is when you try to save the food on the grill it is hard to put anything you are putting on the food down. It seemed near impossible.

Oh crap, you've gone there.


sh-t just got real.

I still have Taco Mia on my favorites! I absolutely love these games. Freezeria was my least favorite, though.