Reviews for "Papa's Pancakeria"

i just reamembered (dont care of bad spelling) i played all of the games!

Pretty awesome! I always liked the Papa Louie arcade games!
Good job guys! keep in mind that dude's idea for a Pastaria!!!! I support you guys all the way!!!!!!

Papa's Pastaria sounds good, don't you think? x))
I'll 100% dig that! I love all Papa's food stores. I would buy shares and stocks if it was real.
Mmmm I smell a franchise! XD

so i got far, so decided to give the orders with out the pancakes, with an over load of ingredients trying to make feces and give it the customer ,... i laughed :D, then i stopped playing :| "this is an addictive game , so decided to stop :P" like the random game thing after a day work thingy

The papa's industry will never end!