Reviews for "Papa's Pancakeria"

This game is very fun... until rank 15.
I know this game is supposed to be a job simulation, so it's supposed to be hard. However, once every single person starts adding a drink, waiting scores plummet. Maybe I'm not good at these games, but once the drinks came in, I quit. It was to hard and stressful. Besides, if a restaurant was ever this busy, there would be more than one person. Like most papa games, I play until the difficulty is unbearable and quit. I don't like hard games.
However, that aside, the first 14 ranks were really fun. This is currently the best papa game.

FliplineStudios responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We just updated the game so customers will be okay with waiting longer once the Drink Station is unlocked. Hopefully this will help a bit -- it'll still be hectic, but the "Waiting Score" won't drop drastically like it was doing.

Perfect game! i've allways been a fan to this series,i know its not like on just pancakes,but allways loved papa games,every time he comes up with a game its allways awesome! ive been a fan since the hamburger game,i guess there is a hamburger game,but i cant remember,so heres a 5 stars and i would give it infinite,out of infinite.

This game is PAN-mazing. I love it. Everything about it is great. Nice job, well done and thank you for such a fun game.

I enjoyed this game, just like the rest of the series. Maybe a coffeeria next time around? Submarine Sandwicharia? Keep up the great work!

it makes me hungry :3