Reviews for "Papa's Pancakeria"

Delicious! Pancakeria is a big jump from the previous games regarding the features... the mini-games in this one are a big one and I really like the pancake mechanic along with the drinks, though I kinda gave up after rank 15 since it just became too tedious and hard, the mini-games, the drink section, the impatient customers...

Still, nevertheless, awesome game! Far more interesting than all the previous "Papa's" games, though I know for a fact that the newer ones are even more packed with features. Can't wait to check them out too :3

Now I want pancakes. BAAAADDDDLLLLYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Papa's games are all copy and paste with different elements but still pretty fun and addictive.

I've always loved the papa louie games but never had the time, (or attention span) to play them for a long time since the first time played these i was 8. This is my first game that i actually spent a lot of time on and i was not disappointed.

I've known about the "Papa's" games for awhile, but this is the first time I've decided to play one, and I am very impressed. I love it. It's crazy addicting (played til 3 in the morning yesterday). I think the thing I love most about it is that, unlike some other time-management type games, this doesn't get crazy, tear-your-hair-out difficult as it goes along. It gets more challenging, but it's easy to adapt and get into your own groove. I'm definitely going to play the other games after this. Thank you for giving me so much amusement. Well done!