Reviews for "Where is the INVISIBLE El"

Highscore: 6

Man, this game is CRAZY HARD! At first... I was like "Oh man this'll be easy." but then I was all like "THIS GAME IS CRAZY HARD!"

Fun Fact: An invisible elephant is called a WHERE-ELEPHANT!

this game is weird to me i just don't get it

I understand it's kind of a joke game, but the choice of music just drags the whole experience down.

...crappy coding and gameplay, but funny idea and awesome annoing music which is even more annoing
all in all: this is so much crap in once that is kinda good...try to improve your games-making-skills and then try again to troll till then STAY AWAY FROM NEWGROUNDS!!!!!

um the songs were annoying and how are u supposed to find the elephant u should add a mute button and a shadow

MarkP0rter responds:

You have to click on the Elephant