Reviews for "Castle Commander"

What About Decisions To Change The Ending? Maybe I Dont Want To Be The "MEGAMASSMURDERDARKLORD"

Needed more than simple good strategy, very fast pace. Very exciting, but it all was over way too soon. All in all, the game was too easy to complete perfectly.

good but the spells seem to keep bugging out for me loved them game but i think if i could regulate sparn points or set some from of patrol over troops that would be good because often i end up with 15 or 20 troops on one point right at the back without knowing there there and they do nothing

I thought it was pretty good. But a couple of things bothered me. One of the things was for some odd reason I had troubles clicking the spells. Sometimes I had to click twice and sometimes only once. Which lead to me accidentally not properly using the spells. This could be my own personal problem. Second problem was that if a chess was to close to the map you wouldn't be able to get it. Being underneath the map made is so nothing you did could actually get it expect for somehow trying to scroll the screen in a way that made it not on the map. Lastly you added a LOT of plot in the actual story but I felt the ending was lacking. You never see the characters again. Or how they react to their final defeat its just a "Will you be awesome..or awful!" kind of thing. Like maybe if you did something to make it a CHOICE that would of been cool at the end. Point is ending was a tad bit lacking because you wanted to know who you'd become as the next king.

This game punishes you if you click too fast, took about 35 minutes to get three stars for each lvl all together. The troop conversion spell is a bit overpowered and it is obscenely easy to get gold for upgrades. Overall a better than average game.