Reviews for "Castle Commander"

I finally got the last trophy, it just took me a while to get a good head start on the last mission for gold. :P This was a fun game, just like most of your games are. Also, a good strategy for some people who are having trouble getting gold on all of them: Use infest at the very beginning on the other teams while they are spawning, then take their first castle. I felt so satisfied when I finally got all the trophies. I just wish it had Newgrounds achievements for the trophies.

i rly like strategy games and this is the best 1 i ever played

Had lots of fun trying to kill 1000 units
here's my record!

I thought it was pretty good. But a couple of things bothered me. One of the things was for some odd reason I had troubles clicking the spells. Sometimes I had to click twice and sometimes only once. Which lead to me accidentally not properly using the spells. This could be my own personal problem. Second problem was that if a chess was to close to the map you wouldn't be able to get it. Being underneath the map made is so nothing you did could actually get it expect for somehow trying to scroll the screen in a way that made it not on the map. Lastly you added a LOT of plot in the actual story but I felt the ending was lacking. You never see the characters again. Or how they react to their final defeat its just a "Will you be awesome..or awful!" kind of thing. Like maybe if you did something to make it a CHOICE that would of been cool at the end. Point is ending was a tad bit lacking because you wanted to know who you'd become as the next king.

Great game but, Im not sure if The Unit selection is Made without a shortcut to select all units to make it harder, or simply because it was not implemented in the game... This makes the game Really annoying overall, gameplay mechanics MUST be fluid, and Simple to the point of emphasizing it to make it complicated, make a difficulty like it already has, but don't make the game ANNOYING that is the least a game designer would want to do. Graphics and core mechanics are quite good, but i heard this is a remix of a game already, So it should have been much less of a dragging and pinching all the time, which leaves no time to focus on detail, SHOP only levels the skills, which should have level armor, etc hit-points and so forth, not so much though was put in to this but many developers don't anyway, Learn from great reviews and you shall go far, (: Remember GAMERS LOVE a great developer, If you listen to us, we will reward you deeply.