Reviews for "Castle Commander"

pretty fun, but it becomes way to easy once you get the spell that lets you control other soldiers, after i got that i 3 starred every level

Had a game that lasted way too long...just to put things into perspective, I spent most of the game with one castle and ended up murdering 1109 of the enemies...gah, my people walk too slowly!

It's a great game... but I think infestation should be taken out, it makes things too easy. A rush strategy worked really well where instead of actually going for all the castles you went straight for the enemy, with infestation, I won a match in about 5 seconds, I waited for 3 units to spawn then infected them all, and they took their own castle. It's just too overpowered. I liked the game concept and think you could really have something if you expanded it. You could add upgrades for the troops like in stick war, or maybe choices to the actions you take rather than letting the major do it all for you. Good game though.

loved it, my only complaint would be that whenever I use the infest power, the game glitches up, that added in with my glitched screen (After a match was over I froze their remaining units, glitched eet) equals lots of lag, and a horrible sound out of my speakers.. >:(

A few things. I would like it if there was a quicker, more effective way of selecting units. I stumbled a lot trying to drag, select, and then click a destination. I would also like it if the spells were on hot keys so that I wont accidentally click my selected units to the bottom left corner of the screen in my haste.
When you have a frenzied game like this, a less fumbling control scheme goes a longer way.
But I did enjoy the game a lot and the art was entertaining.