Reviews for "Castle Commander"

This is a good game, really strateguc and in some mission you really have to think carefully.
I felt like I was the bad guy all along. Its probably a "to be continued" at the ending eh?

Nice game, good concept. Like they variety and simple graphics.

Really nice game, i like the system of spells =D

better grouping of units, and bigger screen, more hotkeys.

Great game though

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The plot was frustrating, as many have said before, and it is the main reason I gave the game 4/5 stars.

Here are a few things you could add to a sequel:

1. An Easy-Medium-Hard option. This sort of option would eliminate frustration for those who struggle with normal and make the game more of a challenge for those who want one.
2. Allow people to play the game as one kingdom and then change it to a different one later. It bugged me that I couldn't change after I had already chosen.
3. More upgrades. These could include: Unit health, tower health, unit strength (fighting), unit strength (capturing cities), ect..
4. Specialized units. You could include archers, spear-men, horse-men, mages, ect... Keep the production of these units automatic during the game, maybe allow people to configure unit production each level.
5. More spells (obviously), but make them harder to achieve, depending on the difficulty mode.
6. Allow a pause option. If I could pause the game and order the specific troops to do what I want it would be much more easy to plan strategy, this would allow me to play on the harder difficulty and not be so overwhelmed.
7. Better storyline!