Reviews for "Castle Commander"

Could use improvement, one of which making each army different vastly instead of just ascetics ( ie: one moves faster, one deals more damage, one captures faster and the last is balanced). Map controls are WAY to annoying to deal with, and I feel that it would have worked so much better had I been able to see everything at once, despite the smaller size of units and towers to fit everything on one screen. A bit nit picky on this one, but it would have been nicer had I been able to select my group and just tell them where to go multiple times over having to re-select them EVERY time I want them to move in a certain direction. This isn't so much as a problem, but just tedious to have to do.
I feel this could potentially be a really fun game if a few things get tweaked.

Cool idea. Well executed. However, play control was rough. Especially for this caliber of game.

This was okay, with not much content in it. A couple of points:

Lack of real units: Oh yes, you could choose between four groups (considering it's more of one kingdom rather than 4), but in the end they were just the same-ish I'd presume, since there wasn't anything different about them seemingly except choice of weaponry and colour. Upgrades to them would've been nice, considering the only upgrades you can make are just making spell effects stronger or target more.

Similar battles: All of the levels basically had the same tactic: Rush the buildings and kill the enemy. With only new spells available to you there wasn't a change of pace/ The three different lands could've affected the units somewhat. And it seemed it was more of a free-for-all 1v1v1 (don't recall any 4th party joining the fray) all the time, considering the things you're doing, it would've been nice if say, the finale was you against everyone else.

Minor grammar nitpick: "there" instead of "their" in the ending. Yep.

In the end, it's pretty short and doesn't have much. On the other hand, it does look nice, and can be really good with some polish.

i like it! A little short and the controls could use some work...i just didn't like the fact that i had to rally troops as the came out or else they would just stand there and the maps were too big too see whos standing where but never the less victory was mine!!

really fun game never lost a game in the hole map awesome I AM THE KING BOOYA!!!!!!!!!! FEAR ME >:)