Reviews for "Castle Commander"

The only thing i've got is that the game deselects units once you have ordered them to do something, unlike cnc :)

And consider adding a diplomatic screen like rome-total war

This is an interesting fast paced game you've got here. Though your design seems to make the game very difficult to balance. Depending on how quick the player is they are either completely overwhelmed or completely dominate the cpu. My suggestion for balancing would be to weaken the spells and add a difficulty option that simply buffs/nerfs the cpu units stats.

Final note: The fast paced nature made the game go by very quickly. I beat it in about 15-20 mins.

Really sweet game, very addictive. would be cool if you could customize your army.

Nice try but it gets boring really fast. Add some upgrades to the unit man, You know everybody LOVES updates :D

i honestly like this game (( oh and grats first comment ever on newgrounds ))