Reviews for "Castle Commander"

Fun... but I wasn't too thrilled about it.

Bad game.

needs hotkeys to select all units, hotkeys for spells and a tower upgrade so any tower that you had from the beginning is a cannon tower or so. all sides should have these special towers as beginning towers.

This is awesome...I love the colour scheme, seams really fresh and love the characters, pace and movement ! It is sooo addictive...it reminds me of the app Reign of Swords....but this is like 10 times better !!! the 3rd or 4th level is sooo hard, but just makes me want to play more and more ! I just want to get all the powers !!! will let you know when I have won !!! :)

I really enjoyed this game, it was pretty addictive and I had some fun with it. There were a few problems though. I don't like reselcting my units over and over again, the gameplay wasn't very fun and you kind of made it obvious we weren't the good guys. Maybe at the begging you could have us take over rulers who are quite clearly jerks so we think we're doing the right thing, then gradually move on to actually clearly good people to conquer, and we'll start to think "hm, maybe we're not doing the right thing" instead of it basically being spelt out for us.

Graphics were nice,gameplay was fun but a bit repetitive, my last gripe though is that you could've done a bit more with the setting by giving us choices. For example, you know how the level map is strictly linear? Maybe you could have it branch off depending on what choices we make. Like, if we chase the guy across the desert we'll need to fight him along with his allies, but if we don't then instead we'll get ambushed by the remaining countries, things like that which make us feel like we're really in command of an army. Good game!