Reviews for "Castle Commander"

Great game, but the "hints" that tell where to click for spells and about the battle bar take up a quarter of the screen and shouldn't show up on the fifth level.

Good little game, fun to play.
Controls maybe need refining a little, as stated before maybe add some basic orders like attacking and defending.

Also seems overly easy to get the spells ranked all the way up.


controls could be improved, have some general broad order button "ALL ATTACK" or "ALL DEFEND" , got to nearest enemy castle

clicking on the small castle is a bitch in the heat of game and the radius of influence isnt big, often ill have armies scratching their balls

Great game, deserves more awards then it has.

Just wow,only thing it needs is more levels, please make another one.

me anda lento el juego pero el juego esta chucho