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Reviews for "Mars Commando"

Addicting game. Although for some reason I couldn't extend my roster.

. . . .Its not that hard, i have no idea what people are complaining about, just set your soldiers up at choke point. preferably gatling or rail gunners, and have flak guys to back them up when they get too close. People really need to start thinking, any way i thought the game was great. Was to some degree difficult, but not impossible.


when i saw the title i though this was an strategic/tactical game, i was dissapointed when i saw it was a Defense game, but i was impressed when i saw the game, still, is HARD AS FUCKING HELL, only an Asian can win this game, and dont make me mention the medals..... i must seriusly complain about something.

mars is not red.... no, seriusly, they though it was red until few years ago, then discovered mars change of colors sometimes, is not only red, it can be green on the top, and blue on the middle and yellow in the south part, but its not red.

Fun little 8 bit romp. Difficulty sadly, is probably just a little too high. If you were aiming for hardcore gamers, fine - but right now I couldn't bring myself to try and go past Stage 2.

I had three of those red explosive monsters come up to my barricades in a line, and BAM - four soldiers down and all barricades blown to pieces. I truly felt like there was NOTHING I could have done, or feel inclined to do, to attempt another set of waves just to get nuked.

If I could retry a wave instead starting from the beginning all over, I could possibly try to best a wave again, but right now, I feel the game is unbalanced.

The droid is a nice idea to have some first hand control inside a defence style game, but the offensive capabilities, even when set to the offensive droid setting felt weak and unhelpful.

Everything else is great! Love the soundtrack, animations are simple but do what's needed for this style of game. Tweak the difficulty or offer more upgrades to balance the game-play and it's a winner. Right now, I won't be coming back to play again, but only because of the game play balance.

Too impossible, not enough upgrades, huge differences in price creating a lack of incremental survivability increases. Theres the potential for a good game here, but unless you fix some very basic things were never going to see it.