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Reviews for "Aero Warfare 3D"

Not bad, in fact, very good. Before you fully publish this, I recommend the following:
-A little more detail on enemy ships
-More variety of enemy ships, perhaps a total of 5 different kinds, with bosses
-More kinds of hindrances and power-ups instead of that one bomb that does damage
-Multiple cloud layers, so that you can move the ship up or down a cloud layer. This gives more mobility to enemies, can make for interesting bosses, and makes the game look even further 3D.

If you do this, plus work on the game a bit more, then I'm pretty sure this could even become one of the top games of newgrounds. You gave it a nice looking 3D effect already. Im sure you can do it, and I'd be glad to see this in the front page.

keilyn3d responds:

Thanks, you really have expanded my vision about this game, I will work on what you said, I will make a new game with all the tips you said me.

The graphics are really impressive, but the gameplay deserves more work. This has the potential to be so much better.

Pretty fun, however it's a little too simple. Nice graphics though!

smashin spacebar continuously is no fun :-/