Reviews for "GOON: The Game!"

Cool game!

Every game like this has this one guy that beating him is hell.I knew that guy will come up sometime throughout the game but I didn't expect it to be the 3rd guy.Now there are 2 reason why everyone failed there:
1.Difficulty:I don't think you should remove him from the game,you can put him as the 10th guy or something.It is like starting to play a game,level one- piece of cake,level two- lol still not a challenge and then level 50- fucking impossible.
2.Our player is too much weak,more combos and stronger kicks and punches would give us a bigger chance to get past that asshole.

Everything else was ok,music,animations etc.

Reha is a bitch to beat ,fun game though.

this game is amazing! BUT! need more things like: a vs 2P, play with the other characters, secrets and bonus
I would like to have a sequel

Mockery responds:

Thanks! And there actually is a vs 2P mode on the main menu along with other options. Just click the little hockey puck between the "GOON" text and you'll be taken straight to the options screen. Hope this helps!

Its called a Fatality not a Goonality. And i Agree with the one Directly below this. Its not bad it just needs some stuff tampered with and all to make it a great game.