Reviews for "GOON: The Game!"

A game by I-Mockery is always quality.

HELL YEAH ! ! ! MAKE SOME MOAR ! !! ! ! ! ! !

Not a huge fan of this bro im sorry i didnt like the graphics of the photos and its quite boring. its better than anything i can do but its not for me

A fun little quip

It's funny, quite easy I'd say. An okay game, just need more combos/characters. I don't like Backwards system block but it's just matter of taste.

PS. Some attacks are "broken" commonly said or "Overpowered". Such are spamming Quick Punches and adding sometimes a low Power Punch to deal with enemy's HP faster. One combo is not really clear for me, or hard to execute, I've done it only once (the down charge + up + Power Kick one)