Reviews for "GOON: The Game!"

It's good, but rheat is waay to hard, all he does is spam the same moves so you can do anything. I like the art style, i think it works. 4 stars.

Pretty sick man. Last guy was a pain in the ass to beat i ended up spamming a & z on the guy continuously. Fun nice animation music is enjoyable but its good you put in a mute button.

I have to say that I like this game. The blood effects are satisfying and remind me of early MK games. It's rather short and easy but I really like the oldschool feel that this game has going for it. It's fast, fun and has pretty spot-on controls. Keep 'em coming.

Really like the game,, just seen the movie and this makes it more fun just to brawl with Doug. It's a combination of SF meets MK.. Controls are good nice and responsive. Graphics are ok too blood gushing here and there,, gonna finish it now can't wait any longer :D

Haha, good game, got all medals! Anyway, Ross is hard.