Reviews for "GOON: The Game!"

I saw the movie last tuesday. Epic. Even better than Slap Shot. Nice game btw

Kind of funny, nice graphics, well done gameplay and amusing Mortal Combat reference. Still it's much too short and somehow lacks some diversion.

This is pretty easy and rhea wasn't even hard!!!
Just keep punching him repeatedly and he will barely have time to hit u back.

Very good game. The controls were responsive and felt right. The graphics were good, and most importantly, it was fun. My only complaint is that it was so short. I liked that Rhea was hard enough that simple button mashing wasn't good enough to beat him, and the controls were not overcomplicated enough like other fighting games to make it too hard to learn them.

Overall, awesome game.

Man... Rhea is tough.

Good job. Nothing like that good old school Mortal Kombat.
Goon was a perfect choice too. Happy to play your games. :)