Reviews for "GOON: The Game!"


FU** YOU RHEA motherfu**er stupid player

Rhea has way, way, WAY too long a reach. I'm ground kicking and he's ground punching, and every time he hits and i don't. Gotta love the game, though

This game was pretty good of its kind. I guess "Abobo's Big Adventure" is simply a tough act to follow. I just wish there could have been more moves, but I didn't look them up, so that's my fault. It's great to see all the good action and carnage you would expect to see in a game like this. It makes you realize how bloody these video game fights are. We played some violent stuff when we were kids. I like the announcer's voice.

I'm not a fan of hockey, so I don't know about most of these people. What's funny is that it's pretty well detailed, but the pixellation could be a bit better. I like how it's the kind of game that you can experiment with while playing. There's all kinds of moves you can use, especially with the weaker opponents at first.

Mockey, you've outdone yourself. The controls for this game were very responsive and easy to use. Also, the graphics were magnificent and cool at the same time. I am VERY impressed! I am trying my best to figure out how to perform the "Goonality." But, due to the reference of the "Mortal Kombat" franchise, I described this game as the best AND well-recieved submission that you've ever made in Newgrounds.

Keep up the good work! =D