Reviews for "GOON: The Game!"

Pretty good game, emulating the Mortal Komabt franchise.
Not many problems here, graphics are pretty good at copying the old school Mortal Kombat graphics and the controls were fully functional. All in all the game was thoroughly enjoyable.
Rhea was difficult to beat at first until I found the right strategy. It was pretty brief though, that's probably the biggest problem for me. I think Rhea's difficulty was set perfectly that beating him got a little bit frustrating.
If you're having difficulty beating Rhea, I'll give you a clue, Rhea is a lot like Shao Kahn when it comes to the approach you have to take when trying to beat him!
Hope I helped!

Amazing game. Reminds me of old time classics.

Excellent game! And for those of you who got trouble with Rhea it's easy really block by backing up than front and heavy punch him the combo than use the uppercut all the time seriously I got him in the second and third round without retrying :) So good luck guys!

The game was solid, and easy to pick up...but Rhea was WAY too hard. I tried 5 times before I just said screw it I'm gonna go watch The Office. On my last try quick punched him so many times that we went from one end of the screen to the other...his life bar hadn't even gotten to the shaft of the stick. The special moves also didn't deal enough damage to warrant taking the time to use them. I can't justify reviewing content that I haven't completed but in this case I just can't see myself doing so with out putting in a ton of effort.

RHEA has an insanely long reach. This game got way more awesome when heard GOONALITY :P I'd give extra points for reference to my favorite games but can't give any more points> GReat Jobs!!. here can we listen to the music ? It was amazing.