Reviews for "GOON: The Game!"

rubbish game

nice game..although i´m not too good with this type of game

This is a good game, but the enemy in this game makes giant crazy combos that make you spend more time dying instead of winning.

nothing like a spin off from an old classic
although i have been having problems with the goonality sections
one character would go completely nuts and random flying hits but nothing is dealt and then they both go to the "fiinish him" phase and just stand around and if rea did the gonality he would change to look like glatt in some cases
not sure if it's firefox or the game itself
I'm using the current version of firefox
the game acts buggy on me :/

This was a really fun game. It reminds me of all the fun I had playing Mortal Kombat. Mockery, you make the best remixed video games. keep up the great work. :)