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Reviews for "-Control: Sentiment-"

this sounds freekin awesome of my audio technica m50x headphones that I use for producing bass is perfect love the triplet pattern bass lines very impressive track 5/5 download and fan.
Hey I don't if you remember but you review me on my old tracks account on DarkMcShadowX on my old stuff really old and I remember your name in the list for some reason your name just click when I saw you in the top list and was like wait I know that person so I decided to check your music out again and wow...
this mybrainbecametechno is my final name check out my latest track if you can third time listening to this =D oh I love your choir to as well and that choppy voice reminds me of deadmau5 - Fn Pig its at the end of his track
Thanks for voting, MyBrainBecameTechno!
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Wow. Just wow. This song is really good. All the sounds I hear, I feel like they're in place. Everything fits perfectly and sounds great.

Keep up the good work!

For some reason I can't download this song for whatever reason. But I listened to it and oh. My. God. If you and dj Nate worked together you would compose the best freaking song ever.

This is of the control series! No wonder I can't stop listening!
I just looked into my music collection: Listened to all of the first three controls over 300 times each. Including your album "Green"
This forth piece is no exception. I like the extremely dry bass. And I just learned a new word:


DUDE, you're AMAZING! This sounds so cool, go on making music like this, you're so good at it! <3 Love you! <3