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Reviews for "-Control: Sentiment-"

Awesooome! Niiice! Beeest! That beat, that rhytm, that dubstep in middle of song- so freakin awesome! It's going to be best in my head for a while. No, for a week. For a month... FOR A LIFE!!! Cooool work, Water-awesome-Flame

Ooh, ooh, OOH!!! This was like... Whoa... Sorta like a Clutterfunk v2, don't ya think? I do. It's a bit better than Clutterfunk, but the same vibe is to it, I think... Maybe a corrupted Clutterfunk..? That's cool, I guess... Well, keep it up, Mr. Epicosity! O u O

Yeah the 9 to listen it.

Also awesome like everytime