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Reviews for "-Control: Sentiment-"

An incredibly complicated tune, A ton of work went into this one, I'd say in spite of it being a drum and base beat in the series of -control- you'd be hard pressed to find an exactly duplicated 1 second wave spectrum anywhere in the whole tune. That however, may be it's detriment as well. While Waterflames tunes remain better then near anything else could hope listen to, this one is so busy it might be cluttered with artistic skill, and a little harder to synchronize ones self with then others in the -Control:- series. Waterflame still owns 6 of my -top- fave tunes in life. Does that make me a fan girl?? ♥❤❥♡♥ Yes !♥♡❥❤♥
╔══╗ ♪ Waterflame All day!
║██║ ♫ Waterflame In the car!
║ ●) ♫ Waterflame All night!
╚══╝♪ ♪ Waterflame While I Sleep!
@ ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█! Vol 11!
♥❤❥♡♥ Waterflame 4 Ever! ♥♡❥❤♥

Waterflame responds:

Thank you for the great review!
I totally agree, Ill take that into consideration. And thanks, Glad you like it! ^^
:) Also, i think I remember you sent me a PM long ago I replied too, but I never got a reply back. you should check it out, just in case :)

This is of the control series! No wonder I can't stop listening!
I just looked into my music collection: Listened to all of the first three controls over 300 times each. Including your album "Green"
This forth piece is no exception. I like the extremely dry bass. And I just learned a new word:


Interesting, reminds me a bit of an old MOD tune, "star technologies".

Damn.... I like this, the sounds at ~1:53 are pretty friggin sweet, and the very faint allusions to orchestra (such as at 2:21) give an impression this is the tip of an iceberg -

A little tiny bit more bass and a slice less "donk" (with more kettle drum, perhaps).

But damn, good sounds, sir!

I absolutely love this track. It's just what I (occasionally) enjoy in a song; classy with a small bowl of sinister on the side. It also fits in well with the rest of the Control series, which is also a plus. Keep up the amazing work good sir!!! (On an unrelated note, "donk?")

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! :) Donk is the, uh, hollow bass sound in the main parts of the song that apperas every other bar. It is often reffered to as a "donk" due to videos like "put a donk on it", haha.