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Reviews for "ROADTRIP Rampage"

Being a huge fan of Lucasarts' Full throttle, I guess I was lucky to find this game while it's still under judgement. At first I thought I'll be dissapointed, but right after Level 1 I changed my mind... It has almost perfectly balanced gameplay, with different enemies, challenging bosses and neat powerups. Still, the game needs two things: an improved collision detection and a SEQUEL =)

I-smel responds:

Y'know, I was thinkin about a sequel, but jjeeeeeeeeez does this have a low score or what! Didn't see that comin!

Hey! This game was neat. It's kind of akward when the art changes from vector to bitmapped pixels which drag over the screen, but apart from that, the game mechanics were really nice. Mayhaps expanding the game with a few more levels, a start game+, medals or any of that kind of stuff? What's already done its very good, and expanding / upgrading it sure would bring more gamers to play it.


I'm having a problem where I keep getting hurt as though I was ramming from behind when I'm side by side with the bike and I press Up/Down to attack them. It'd be a really fun game if that issue was fixed.