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Reviews for "ROADTRIP Rampage"

This game is awesome! Waiting for part 2 with more levels

I love this one. (Of course, I love all your submissions.) The Shotgun Special is sort of a fuck yeah dealio. I like the difficulty titles. It's pretty No More Heroes. I also like the character selection and the fact that they all have different starting weapons. That really shows how much thought you put in to making that an option at all. The music for each area is exactly what I would expect from a game like this for a console. It was really layered in a corporate sort of way but still remained pretty authentic. I love the enemies and the fact that there is a varied selection of them to battle. I am a big fan of the sound that occurs when you go off a ramp. Now, your stuff is always so perfectly stylized that I love it too much to see any problems with it, which proves how awesome you are. This time around, however, I do have a few minor complaints. It's pretty glitchy in quite a few areas. For one thing, I would click to shoot enemies so fast and precise that my computer would slow down. That cannot, of course, be solely attributed to the game itself, but I do know that my computer runs pretty well, so I think there might be a problem with that. Actually, the same thing happened with Legend of Johnny, and with No Time To Explain, so it probably is my computer. Okay, so never mind about that one. My other complaints are more trivial, but still cut in quite a bit to my experience playing the game. First, while The Shotgun Special is, as I said before, a fuck yeah dealio, when the animation happens for it, it's pretty prolonged and a little annoying in that regard. Then there's my issue with the upgrade system. It grinds my gears that you can only upgrade three things. It means you can get one upgrade in all three abilities, get one in one ability and two in another or max only one ability. I would prefer to achieve Godliness and get all of the upgrades available before starting over. Then there's the lightsaber, which is awesome looking in the shop and in the starting cutscene, but then during gameplay, it reverts to the starting weapon. I was playing as Shina when that happened, so it might only be for her, but I would look into if I were you. Other than that, fucking awesome.

I... NEED... THE FIRST RACE SONG!!! it's awesome!!! someone know the song's name?

Cops... and Police can't stop 'em? Oh God no!

I-smel responds:

Once the cops were down, the police knew THEY WERE NEXT!!

First, awesome game. Second, I found three bugs. The most serious is when you are fighting the tanker. If you don't kill the biker who tries to ram you before you kill the tanker, no more enemies will show up and you have to reset the level to progress (for more info see my nit-picking section below). The second bug was on the sewer level. As the plane began to approach to drop off the ninjas, but before they had dropped from the plane, I hit the space bar to whip out the shotgun. After the cut scene, the ninjas were not there and it took them about 10 or 15 seconds to show up (they consequently killed me as I was jotting this issue down for my review). The third was with the final weapon upgrade. The weapon definitely does more damage but simply looks like your characters default weapon.

Since I'm here, you can listen to some nit-picking. PAUSE=P should have been in your comments as it does allow me to restart the level. I could have easily said fuck this game...I'm not starting over from the very beginning because of the afore mentioned bug. CACTI and walls need to do more damage. I can put down the controls and pick up my beer for the duration of the obstacle course and still come out alive. LEVELS are little too easy ,even on tough, and overall the game is waaaaaaay too short. I hoped I would be playing this one for hours. ENDING should have three separate animations; if not that, then at least put the proper character into the frames. FINALY, charm, luck, and special as stats don't seem to do shit at all. You really need to expand this game. I had a lot fun while it lasted.

I-smel responds:

The difficulties being ROUGH and TOUGH, and the only stats being "charm", "luck" and "special" are all jokes.

But you're right, those other parts suck.