Reviews for "Savlonic : Wandering Eye"

Time for a review, now what i liked about this animation and song,

-Voices matches the music
-Style of animation keeps to the weeble style, yet it had a feeling of nori in there. <3
-Different scenes and closeups added to the animation and feel.
-Animation smooth and nice to look at.
-Weeble is one of my favorites in the artist, animation and music on the interwebs. xD

Once again another good animation and song from the weeble! Keep those songs coming in, love it.

Rating for this one is 5/5 stars! Your a star. o: we all know that.

I Love it!
no complaints here

I watched it a few months ago on weebls's stuff, i was amazed then. It was not different on NG, besides the animation pallete fits perfectly with newground's new theme.
Seriously this is amazing, funny and well written lyrics, nice animation, art style, no problems with this one.

Trippy!! I like how electronic it is... it does remind me of the 80's! I LIKE IT, heck, I LOVE IT!!!

Dafuq did I just watch?