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Reviews for "Savlonic : Wandering Eye"

I'd bang the purple haired girl
Who agree's with me?

On a related note, amazing music, love Savlonic too much for my own good.
Granted I'm a little drunk.

Dafuq did I just watch?

This is absurdist, or symbolic, or both... and I like it.

lol, why does he have a Hitler moustache?

The bold color scheme, the subtle animation, and the... semi-realistic drawing style make this video absolutely gorgeous. There's also a bit of humor in the literal wandering eye and the exaggerated reactions Weebl's character has to it. Speaking of Weebl's character, I think his whole look is very unique. His Chaplin 'stache really pulls it all together. Top-notch work, PEAB0. Oh, and Weebl's singing is great as always, and the music is... so cool and modern, I can't find other words for it.