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Reviews for "Savlonic : Wandering Eye"

Kinda weird song and you two certainly made it much more creepy with the giant eye controlling the girl.... Also, what is with the Hitler mustache on the male singer?


Wonderful little song, but I need to comment on something real quick:
At 2:01; best fear face ever. ^.^

Love it (as I click "Favorite"). I like your style. Love the very creative thinking and the art work -how it really shows the song in a different way than if just listening. (I draw, I design, I write, compose and play music-but old school ways. You're inspiring me to learn more about the digital era. Thanks for that. I just discovered your creations here. I'm glad I did and am anxious to see more.)

This is better than official mainstream music ! ...... :)

You should really have the purple-haired girl sing with the other girl in other Savlonic videos. Absolute perfect harmony