Reviews for "The Love Letter"

My god the NPCs are annoying. Makes me want to go on a murdering spree! Someone get me my sword >:O

This game is really interesting and has a bit of challenge to it. What makes it more challenging is trying to get the medal. I have no idea where the kitty is I tried touching every door. Can you please give me a hint? This game has a nice story and game play my rating is 5/5 and 10/10.


What a bunch of nosy little shits, I swear to god.
Also, that is a really big dick move to laugh at the letter he is reading.
So what? I didn't ask for you to read it anyway.

Little annoying fuckers. This is the worst school if you are a private person.

The entire time I was playing I kept angrily muttering 'can you fuck the fuck off please can you not see I am busy'