Reviews for "The Love Letter"


Very nice game! I love the concept on it. I also like how it is also challenging at the same time. Details were nicely done and even though it is short, it is a very good game! I also like how the NPCs are very annoying. You'll be reading it, and far away some NPCs just come out of nowhere and try to see what you are doing. It's hilarious, xD.

I also like how good they hide the kitty. It is a challenging cat to find.

Overall, it's a very good game! Nicely done!

The game itself is good, but the NPCs are so random it's pratically impossible to get the 3 or 4 of them...

I'll be honest. When I first finished this game, i went, "Oh my god that was CUTE."

It's so entertaining! I have never been entertained to SUCH an extent while playing a flash game. EVER. You can't find highly entertaining games about love these days.* (*I don't know about you guys, but I have never enjoyed myself more that I have when I played this.)

I can't find any other sentence for this, other than that It's amazing. 5/5. :D

Fun little short game! My god though the NPC's annoyed the hell out of me XD