Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

MasterAardvark is my favorite flash artist, and one more time he made me laugh ! :D
But I laughed for other, like Goat-Man. Love these "did you hear that" ! :D
(and I can't put stars with internet explorer)

What an awesome concept! I love how most of the colabs generally used the same progression through the work. Great imagination kudos, though, go to all of you.

I wouldn't mind if the animations were longer or better, but whether it's worth it, I don't know.

Noodle responds:

With the way the collab is set up, it really is hard to make it longer than 20 seconds a piece. Unless everyone contributed 2 sounds? I worry that people might get tired of it at that point. We'd be up in the 6 minute mark. My belief is that this works best in a quick format, where the viewers can pick up and learn the order of the 10 sounds very quickly and easily.

"Oh Boy, it´s another one"

Yes sir, being seeing these since the first one, i loved the concept and it´s a great thing to get together, wonderful submission for the value of the concept alone, thank you much for this!!

Noodle responds:

You can thank LazyMuffin for that. I asked to reuse the old song, and we just made up another one! What a guy!
Thanks for being a loyal fan :)

Honestly incredibly entertaining so I had to just add it to my favourites and the earlier comment about sounds repeating. Please read the information on the video before watching or commenting. Honestly when I heard that last sound I thought of exp gain as well lol. Great job everyone keep working hard.

Noodle responds:

It's expected that people won't understand what was going on here. And it really is a shame that they don't take the time to understand, because maybe they would really enjoy it! Oh well, their loss.

Thanks for the favorite! Odd that so many people thought of the exp thing. It really is a sound people associate with a message, like MSN or something.

awesome :D