Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

Awesome collab. Make more! :)
IMO, the most awesome was Jeinu's, then Tarienn, then Goat-Man.
Other artists were great too! 5/5 + Fav.

Noodle responds:

Thanks for the fav, and the support!
Don't worry, it won't be a very long wait before the next installment :)

the part with the +50xp was in nearly every animation :)

Noodle responds:

The odd thing is how unintentional that is! Everyone worked independently, and just all happened to get the impression of some sort of level up.
Strange how our brains are all in tune in that way, to so readily recognize and associate certain sounds.

Very interesting and fun to watch. Thank you.

"Did u hear that ? did u hear that sound ?

I love this type of collabs, challanges makes flashes better :D

I must say, the principe is very good but... he video is still a little bit to long and rapidly get boring =/