Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

man...I was kind of hoping for Egoraptor.
But anywho, they were all very creative. ^_^

This is sooo funny! I liked them all very much but mainly goatman and frameslinger did a good job.
The voicoverguy was awesome too! ^^

Noodle responds:

That was actually me, Goat-Man doing the voiceovers :)
Glad to hear you liked my part as well as my narration. I really am new to voice work, so it's encouraging to hear that I didn't do terrible Haha

That was awesome! The cartoon was awesome too, but I'm talking about the ending song! That sounds like that Yotam guy that makes the Yotam and Fantasia are the best friends. I want this song on my phone!

Noodle responds:

It is Yotam Perel, yes. He was a part of the second volume of DYHT, and has made songs for both of them. He's an awesome guy, and super friendly. I'm sure you could message him and he might be able to send you the song. His Newgrounds accounts name is LazyMuffin.

i first thought it was going to have voices and i was confused by how the videos could be very different and thought it would be dumb. but no, both the idea and execution were amazing, and the amount of variety was surprising,in a very good way. I like to make my comments be legitimate reviews, like i'm supposed to, but there isnt much else to say. this was pretty freakin' awesome.

Noodle responds:

When digging up sound effects for the collab, I made it a rule that no "words" could be used. It is far too limiting, and really does take away from the point of the project.
Thanks, glad you liked it so much!

Some of them were catchy, while others weren't that much. Nice collab though.