Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"


Noodle responds:

Hit up LazyMuffin with a PM, I'm sure he'd be willing to send you a copy.

I like this concept, you cant get really creative and its fun seeing how each animator interperted the sounds

Quite fun, and i loved the idea ^^ A truly original way to make stuff. Unfortunately i feel the concept was dragged down somewhat by the quality of the resulting animations. Before Jeinu's one i had a pretty low opinion of things. some of these animations clearly had more effort than the others (props to the iphone one!)

All of them were pretty good but MasterAardvark nailed it.
You should do an even bigger collab after Volume 4 where we (the viewers) can vote and choose the sound effects before presenting it to the artists.

Noodle responds:

Interesting idea for sure.
I like giving authors the creative input of being able to select their own sounds, but maybe they could each put in 2 or 3 and the fans would pick 10 from that big pool of 30. I'll keep it in mind :)

I will be taking a big break from this after volume 4, and I think one day it will return. But when it does I'll be looking to do some major adjustments to the current format.

Another fantastic job, my favorite was from MasterArdvark.

While its true the sounds were a bit easy and simple, just what they are and the order can REALLY make a difference.