Reviews for "Did You Hear That? vol 3"

I feel like I should say who my favorite was. However.. as I watched them, I felt like they were all good.. and yet all kinda sucked.. I was looking for that guy who was just darn right hilarious or bad @$$.. someone who stood out from the crowd.. instead.. it seemed like a crowd of decent flashes.. Wasn't bad.. just no one impressed me above anyone else.. so koodos for all I guess o.O

I love this one

The best you've done yet, good job everyone!

the best one yet

well the animations were good and it sure was a creative idea.. but still... that doesn't mean it made it any good.. i will give you props for the animations, but the sounds only made the animation annoying.. so 2 stars for the animation (only animation alone is boring) and 1/2 star for the idea.. but 0 stars for the annoying sounds..

Really love the idea for this, it's so unique!
I know a way to destroy your ears, put on headphones, go to Calicard's bio and click on his "sound contributed" over and over. I guess it's good for emo's!
Can't wait for March 24th!