Reviews for "Burrito Bison Revenge"

Curse you for making such an unbelievably addicting, fun, and somehow non-repetitive launcher that sucked in every free moment I had for the past week! Why did you make this game so god damned fun!

P.S. And I was so close to the Max Powerups medal too before I lost my save... grr... now I gotta start all over!

Lucky gummy makes you a nyan burrito :D

I HATE IT!!! I spent all of 2 days to get all the awards and complete the missions. Took a lot of time out of my day...Now to start over and do it again!!

Good job

would be 5 stars for the game itself, its fantastic fun, and im glad the edits are continuing to come out in light of medal and save game problems. my only gripe is with the scoreboards. obvious hackery aside, its just plan bullshit. and i found myself unwilling to submit to the daily scores with dickheaded 0.00.01 legitimately sitting in the top slot forever.

Addicted. I keep coming back to advance my game! :) I am having no problems with my game or with my medals.