Reviews for "Burrito Bison Revenge"

I'd love to save my progress but find no way to do it. I'm crying.

Master the Power Of burrito Bison!

Petty Funny and has a lot of things to Buy... a good game to spend the time.

Game is very good, apart some missions that seem impossible that you still can buy.
Only one complaint: you must fix the last three medals. It's frustrating for players to achieve something to obtain a medal and see that it doesn't work

A very Challenging, Addictive well thought out game!! A very Big KUDOS to the creators!! It can fool anyone to thinking that it is just your average toss it skill game, but until you play it you will never know. After playing it for minutes, hours coming back day after day to play it and try to get all the achievements i must say it is a really good game. I really love the concept where you can complete 140 missions to make sure that the game play does not get boring. The upgrades are not easy to get which will really make you work for it. You have to strategize when to use the body slam to get most out of it. The part i love the most when he turns into a meteor and that will make you faster. I have finished the game. But still trying to get all the upgrades and achievements. Seems like i will be playing this game many more weeks to come. Really entertaining. You rock guys!! :) Now to smash those gummy bears up again.

hi this is reecerocks and how do i play thing thing arena 2 please reply?

thank you?