Reviews for "Burrito Bison Revenge"

A great game with great grafic and gameplay.

NYAN BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grrrrreat game! The only thing I remember which I disliked was some of the missions being based too much on luck, e.g. some specific gummy appearing, as it seemed. Everything but that, perfect!

Very fun, very polished launcher game. I didn't know what kind of game it was when I first opened it, but I'm glad I played.

There are some things that I would like to have seen different, but I think they were intentional so I'm not "taking off points" for them. It's also possible that they were in there and I just didn't find them.

I like the different types of upgrades instead of just "bigger launcher, and bigger bounce on an obstacle, the end" that is so common in launcher games.

I'm sure that the slow impact mission was intentionally placed to make life incredibly difficult after upgrading lots of stuff, and it certainly was.

Once you have everything upgraded, the game plays itself. even if you intentionally botch the launch in Survival, you're pretty much guaranteed to get pushed all the way up to fiery at LEAST once. In normal mode, after launching, I didn't click anything but made it to the end in 45 seconds. It's great in the sense that I can leave the game running and just have it collect money, but certain missions that require precision are more frustrating.

Still, it's incredibly well-made and I had a great time playing.

omg hours of fun with the swag on top