Reviews for "Burrito Bison Revenge"


Now this is a launch game that deserves praise.

I love good games that requires you to devote your time and effort to progress.

Hopefully someday JuicyBeast will come back with more awesome games like this.

In the beginning of the game it's kinda slow but after when you clear the 3rd area you start to kick off in the game and gets fun! (and upgrading the boi helps a lot and it's cool to see yourself fall through the air crashing into gummies and giant doors)

This game is just as much fun as the first one. Well done, good animations, etc. This is a great catapult style game!
But I found a bug: if you go into a Sweet Impact AND have maxed speedometer when you hit the big door at the end of the Whipped Mountains, you reach the end and bounce back and forth and it doesn't stop. The speedometer hovered at the low end on the red and stayed. It gave the "To Infinity and Beyond" achievement with it, but Burrito Bison doesn't stop moving, EVER.
Might want to check on that if it's a glitch. ;)

Very Nice =)