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Reviews for "Tim's Time Travels"

whats sad is i miss 1974 organ tail xD but could never find it when i got older, saddensme sometimes xD it was entertaining low graphic choice based kinda game,

For >250Kb I can't exactly complain about the graphics. I enjoyed it, and I'd love to see it get some more attention. People just don't make tribute games as much as they used to anymore, and this submission here is a good reason why they should keep 'em coming.

Fun ! Good choices for the references.
BUT now I feel empty. You have made me yearn for a real trip through Video Game Memory Lane with Quality and Quantity!!! Get to work !!!!! :D Thanks for the fun !

This had its good and bad parts. For the most part, the good outweighed the bad, so it was a game I would recommend. It was a simple game where nearly every game you played as a kid was redone. I think my favorite would be the Pacman level. I don't recall the Centipede game having been played by me. Oh well, what's annoying is that I don't understand the part where you have to choose a direction and not get eaten by a grue. It reminds me of Uncyclopedia.

At least the controls are very easy to understand. I think it could have been better if it had music. Well, maybe it would have been distracting, but it's never been like that before when I played those games. The graphics are decent for what they are. This is a decent game for a quick play.

It would be awesome to see a game collab with dozens more games that stayed in history.