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Reviews for "Tim's Time Travels"

Not bad - I wasn't a big fan of the art and the game proved itself to not always be straight forward, (Also on a personal note I had trouble with the space bar at points)

However, the idea behind it was good.

Ehhh.... It was okay, There's room for improvment though, like you could add background music from all the games you put in there, and you could add a little instruction caption in each game because some people might not know how to play that certain game. Like the first one, I did not get the first game, I fiddled with that one for at least, 15 min. and i was about to rage quit before i figured out you're supposed to actually catch the ball. So ya, otherwise, good game! Just work on that and you'll do really well.

Certainly, this made me remember these classics and they were great, but i wish you made the gameplay a bit more similar with them as well.
space invader (and other games) looks kinda crappy, you could have put a little more effort into it. music and maybe a bit more variety of sfx would be nice.
And why the purple thing can go offscreen really far...?

but, if you just made this flash with the intention of reminding us of these great classics, and not so much about playing the actual flash, then you can disregard my opinion. As a stand alone, this flash is not as fun

nice selection of games. this is bizarre. the 2009 level stumped me.