Reviews for "Untouchable"

Loved this game. The way the time changes was awesome. Good job.

Okay, I havn't done a review in a while even though im usually on newgrounds once a week. I gave this game a 5/5 because it addressed issues most games have and don't ever try to fix.

1. when having mouse controls a lot of games try to draw your mouse out to the very edge with enemies coming from outside the screen...problem is when you extend out so far trying to shoot enemies incoming from the very edge you can sometimes click outside the the actual game. regardless if they have an auto pause feature for clicking outside the game, it is still really annoying and detracts from the game. or worse(without the auto pause), it causes you to waste time and maybe die. This was fixed by creating a border in the game and a scrolling screen so that you would only over extend your mouse if you were at one end of the map and aiming at the opposite end.

2. a lot of these 2d flight fighter games want to implement stupid controls about directionality and I even caught myself doing this when I began playing. took me a little bit to realize i can move in whichever direction I please without worrying about which way the ship is facing. if the developers want to implement that style of game play it's fine but for games on newgrounds which total in about 10-20 minutes of game play it's really just a hassle. the greatest example I can give of this is the "Ace Pilot" movie/game that implemented controls that were just ridiculously stupid for how short and simple the game was.

3. this part I love. Just about every game I have played punishes the player for an enemy spawning where you just happen to be. It frustrated me beyond measure because, how am I suppose to know the enemy is spawning there? and why should I be punished for it? This game however actually deals damage to the enemy who spawn in YOUR space.

Those were the main parts. I enjoyed the simple design to help see whats on the screen and not adding a huge amount of effects to clutter everything up while also keeping it difficult. Also there was a bit of originality in the game where barriers were created to segregate and divide your attention and fire power. It was relatively short and a mild difficulty for a first play through.


hch2 responds:

thanks for the review! glad you liked it!

Really fun overhead shooter, doesn't start off too hard and increases in difficulty accordingly. Really fun to play

I would have loved for there to be more stages, perhaps some alternate guns. If this game was released 20 years ago it would be a classic. Sadly, you're a little late on that, but the game is great nonetheless.

hch2 responds:

heh. then again, 20 years ago flash didn't exist...

Very nice game. Only ran into one problem. On the boss that involves the barricades (square in the center surrounded by them) my game glitched out when a barricade respawned while I was on top of it, and it glitched me into the center where he was. I couldn't shoot the barricades surrounding him to get out as they all hit him. I was still able to dodge the bullets and win the battle, though.

Still a 5 star game, would definitely play again!