Reviews for "Untouchable"

GOD! The game is pretty god,but the white tank boss is HARD AS HELL!

why is this game named untouchable when bullets and enemys can touch your ship?

i found a bug/glitch where a tank got out of the arena so i could not kill it. i was stuck in that level.

hch2 responds:

the name refers to the fact that you're supposed to try to be untouchable - dodging everything that would destroy your ship.

anyway, would you mind messaging me exactly how the tank bug happened so i can fix it. a screenshot would be useful.

Great game! The only thing that I could suggest to you would be to expand on the games elements such as more upgrades/weapons, more enemy types, etc. just a general increase in the size of the game. You could easily take what you have here, enlarge it, and change this from a pretty damn fun game, into an epic masterpiece of epic proportions. All in all I had a great time playing it and thought that it was terribly fun.

Good retro style game. Space invaders meets asteroids perhaps?

The controls were awkward for me with the size of the game window but im not sure other methods of control would be better.

Thanks for sharing it.

This game reminds me about Geometry Wars for the Xbox 360, except for the fact that the enemies were mobile on the Xbox. The comparison certainly isn't a bad thing, though, I loved that game, and from what I can tell so far, this game is awesome as well!

Love the upgrade system and the fact that you have health and don't just die instantly, something Geometry Wars really could've used. The music and graphics are somewhat simple, but fit well to the general theme to the game. Overall I liked it quite a bit, don't really think I have much to nitpick about. Keep up the great work! :)