Reviews for "Untouchable"

Really fun overhead shooter, doesn't start off too hard and increases in difficulty accordingly. Really fun to play

Game was really good, challenging. I found myself sometimes hit when nothing was around me, im not sure if it was the lag of my old pc or what, but maybe you should take a look on possible glitchys,

Awesome work, make a sequel

hch2 responds:

if you can describe the exact location of the bug and how it happened I may be able to look into it.

Almost exactly what the review below me says. A truly great game!

Pretty decent game.

-Nice, smooth gameplay
-Music is pretty cool
-Visuals are nice... you got away with the graphics (I could tell the pencil line explosions for the yellow bombs) but it worked for this.
-Sound effects are nice
-It's challenging and has a retro arcade feel
-It kept my attention and made me want to play it a second time to beat it
-Great variation on enemies, and you had a lot of creative ones. Great balance on the design there.
-For the most part, the physics were good.
-Narration was good.

There were a lot of design aspects that seemed counterintuitive:
-The fact that bullet time slowed your bullets too was a little frustrating. I ended up not using it much.
-Also, I didn't see why you made the bullet time need to be activated and deactivated by two button pushes. It seems much more natural to just have bullet time activate when you hold down a button, then deactivate when you let go. A lot of shooters do is this way, because it lets you have much more control and react faster. The way it is now, if you want to just use a tiny bit of energy to dodge a few waves of bullets, you have to quickly tap spacebar twice which is hard to coordinate.
-Sometimes I wish the ship accelerated a bit faster. Sometimes it felt sluggish at the wrong times when I was trying to dodge stuff.
-The boss balance seemed off. Also, one time I got stuck inside the second boss when I got too close, and couldn't get out of the trap cage. It worked to kill it, but felt weird and buggy that that happened. Also, the third boss was much harder than the last boss. I beat the last boss without getting hit once on the first try. The third boss I lost lives to each time I played.
-The powerups are frustrating. You don't have much indication that they appear - they don't flash and they blend in with the level outline. Plus, the time they appear for is very unforgiving. They disappear very quickly and it's simply frustrating.
-It would be nice to respawn with the same attack level. Dying once and the limited powerups means that the max attack I saw was level 2 or maybe 3.
-Perhaps have a tutorial skip option (I realize it's part of the game)

hch2 responds:

thanks for the review! Art is not my forte - this was the best I could do. Your feedback has been noted.

Very nice game. The controls are nice, the gameplay is smooth and makes sense.

Only thing that kinda ticked me was that you didn't actually tell how to get powerups in the tutorial. Maybe I'm the only one, but I seriously just rammed my ship into it, and was wondering why I didn't seem to be getting any more powerful. Would've been nice to know I had to shoot it first.