Reviews for "Untouchable"


Very nice game. Only ran into one problem. On the boss that involves the barricades (square in the center surrounded by them) my game glitched out when a barricade respawned while I was on top of it, and it glitched me into the center where he was. I couldn't shoot the barricades surrounding him to get out as they all hit him. I was still able to dodge the bullets and win the battle, though.

Still a 5 star game, would definitely play again!

The in game comments help make this game.

Entertaining and mildly challenging, although the final boss is quite a letdown. Even Alvin took more effort than the Eye. Nonetheless, aside from that strange reversal in difficulty, it's overall pretty well done.

I would have loved for there to be more stages, perhaps some alternate guns. If this game was released 20 years ago it would be a classic. Sadly, you're a little late on that, but the game is great nonetheless.

hch2 responds:

heh. then again, 20 years ago flash didn't exist...