Reviews for "Untouchable"

I agree with Wojoe66 on his 1 and 2, however, an alternative to getting rid of the text could be to just move it to the side so that those who do not wish to read it can ignore it. I would also like to ass something. I meant to say "add".... oh well, I'm leaving it there. Anyway, there are five medals that aren't showing up for me. I know I got all of them, but these didn't change when I refreshed. The five were; Crash Course, Fox Two, Super Stylish, Blindsided, and Experienced. Also, I would like to suggest another medal. One for completing a game without using the U drive.

As for the rest of the game, it was amazing. I was playing Perfect Dark earlier today, so that hit home immediately. I loved all the music. The visual style was enjoyable. It might have been my computer, but the movement was a little slow. In the end, that made it easier for me to appreciate how tight some spaces can get. It was also a great difference going from straight shots to slower, homing shots. I loved that. Thanks for making this.

Fun game! The only things I can suggest improvement on are the following.

1.) Have the "!" Indicator make the sound effect only after it has finished charging. I don't know how many times I heard that sound and fired just to see that the weapon was not fully charged yet.

2.) Have the option to remove the text. It can be very distracting to have text going across the screen while the player is trying to concentrate on accuracy and avoiding enemy fire.

(still going to school)great but a few flaws.(well three that saw) one the upgrades disapire to quickly,two the bullits on the ship are a little slow, three mislis don't change traget

The music got annoying after awhile, but that's irrelevant. I found this game really fun and challenging.

The style is like from the 80´s