Reviews for "Untouchable"

Not bad at all. Very engaging at all points of time. Very casual, very retro, very easy to pick up and play at any time. The progress of difficulty in this game is quite balance and most new levels offer new challenges. I liked the way bosses are designed, reminds me of contra's crazy bosses. Would be even better if power-ups give more visual aesthetic and I have more weapons of choice available at my disposal and I can switch them out at will.

Loved this game. The way the time changes was awesome. Good job.

Not too bad, playing on a laptop so having trouble with the shooting but i made it pretty far regardless =)

Very fun game, definitly enjoyed it, found it a little hard to navigate and dodge bullets.

Brilliant. Just spectacular. Solid fast paced shooting, and the slow motion system was amazing fun to play with. Only gripe is that I had no idea I was on a limited amount of lives until I lost them all, maybe a little message on the continue screen about how many credits are left?

hch2 responds:

Actually, the number of credits remaining is shown at the bottom right corner of the game screen.